Buying Health Insurance without Medical Check-ups.

Insurers have developed solutions to this problem so that everyone can insure themselves against medical contingencies and live a secured life.

Health insurance plans offered by insurance providers insure you against any medical contingency you may suffer during the course of the plan tenure. Hence, insurance companies usually ask you to disclose your medical history in the application form through which they may assess the risk they are undertaking. Individuals usually are unaware of common ailments they might be afflicted with and even if they know, they tend to hide the details to prevent against rejection of the application or increment of the subsequent premium. To have more accurate understanding of the health of the applicant, insurance companies usually ask for a medical examination before they decide to insure the individual. This requirement, however, deters individuals from buying the plan especially people in the age group of 50-60 years who refrain from investing in the policy due to personal or psychological reasons.

Let us see the options of various available health insurance plans that do not require medical checkup for each age category separately for better clarity.

Ages 18-45 years: Youth is the time when you can be carefree and so can the health insurers. Studies show that people aged 18-40 years are not susceptible to severe ailments and usually fall in a healthy category. As such, almost all health insurance providers offer plans which do not involve any medical tests if the person is aged below 45 years of age. A simple declaration of good health while purchasing the plan is enough and policies are issued based on such declarations. So, you have a wide variety of choices if you are in the age group of 18-45 years and can choose any plan without the tension of any medical examination required.

Ages 46-50 years: As you near your 50s, it is believed that common ailments like hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. either begin to set in or if already present, they tend to get severe. As such insurance companies do not call for medical tests till 45 years of age but once you cross that threshold, medicals are triggered. However, there are Health Insurance Companies who have developed plans which do not call for any medicals till the age of 50 years. Let us have a deeper look into it.

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